Early parenthood support 

  • Individual and couples counselling

  • Postpartum like a boss podcast

Early parenthood support

  • Individual and couples counselling

  • Postpartum like a boss podcast

Helping you confidently navigate the highs, lows and genuine WTFs

of early parenthood. 

Perinatal counselling

Experiencing challenging thoughts, feelings or situations while pregnant or as a new parent? 

Find out more about my individual counselling sessions – medicare rebates available. 


Welcome to Postpartum like a boss – where we talk all things early parenthood. 

Join Gemma for unfiltered chats with parents about the often polarising transition to parenthood. 


Looking to engage a speaker for your next event? Need a podcast guest or written collaborator? 

As a an early parenthood mental health advocate, Master’s trained Accredited Social Worker, mother of two, entrepreneur and ex-HR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion specialist – I cover a range of topics focusing on positive parental mental health outcomes. 


Hi, I’m Gemma Smith

I’m Gemma Smith. A few hats I wear (but actually don’t because…Mum bun…)

      • Mother of two under six
      • Wife/ partner of one over 35
      • Accredited Social Worker
      • Former HR professional
      • Recovering perfectionist

Qualifications I have (which, ironically, I mainly did for the hats) include:

      • Master of Social Work (MSW)
      • Bachelor of Creative Arts
      • Diploma of Business Management
      • Diploma of Yoga Teaching

My long story short is: I lived a fast life, constantly pushing myself well beyond my limits while striving for success (and adrenal fatigue apparently!). Then, I had my first baby and the rest is a complicated, messy, profound and joyful history, which has led me to this work, and to you.

Thank you so much for everything you have given me, and allowed me to give myself, since we met. Your support has meant absolutely everything to me, and I know is a huge part of why I’m enjoying this journey so much.


Brand Manager

Following the birth of baby number 3 I came across together.perinatal on Instagram and found everything Gemma had been sharing really resonated with me and was helping me rethink & reflect on my own experiences in life and motherhood.

I decided to make an appointment for an in person counselling session with Gemma and what a wonderful fit it has been for the season of life I am in. Every visit feels like a much needed chat that I didn’t even know I needed.

My time with Gemma has been filled with understanding, laughter, tears (mine not hers) and the space to gain clarity & perspective on so many different feelings and situations I am navigating in motherhood.

Thank you Gemma for the work you do ♥️


Gemma has been the support I didn’t know I needed during my postpartum period. Having gone through it twice herself, Gemma is so knowledgeable and it has been so nice to be able to have a friendly ear to listen to my endless questions and thoughts that I often felt like I was burdening my friends and family with.

It really is just like having a chat with a close friend. I have also appreciated her follow-up messages with links and information about things we have spoken about. Gemma is great at picking up on little things that I didn’t know I needed to know.


Senior Project Coordinator

Gemma was absolutely fantastic and provided us with an invaluable experience and vital information to prepare us for postpartum.

We thought we had most things covered but our session opened up questions we didn’t know we had and some conversations we needed to have together as well as a range of “to-do” items to ensure we were prepared for this life-changing experience.

Gemma was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable asking any questions and she gave us some fantastic suggestions.

Thank you Gemma for your support.

Sheridan and DanielLending Analyst and Building Designer

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