Doula services

I offer perinatal planning and ongoing doula support for professional families – so you can feel calm, confident and supported in your pregnancy to postpartum transition. 


Doula support

Bypass overwhelm, gain clarity and set yourself up for a positive postpartum with:

Pre-birth  – Postpartum planning workshops

Perinatal* – Ongoing doula support

*Perinatal refers to the time from conception to 12 months postpartum

You might find my support particularly beneficial if you are:

  • a first-time parent
  • part of a FIFO family
  • a single parent
  • expecting multiples
  • separated from giving or receiving support due to COVID
  • having a second or subsequent child with a toddler at home
  • wanting to give the ultimate baby shower gift.

Pre-birth – Postpartum planning workshops

Overwhelmed with all the things you need to purchase for your baby? Not sure what to pack for hospital? What about managing visitors and parenting decisions? My postpartum planning workshop has you covered!

My workshops (available 1:1 or online in a live group setting) provide guidance for parents-to-be on how to navigate complex decisions faced in pregnancy as well as optimising available support in line with your values and postpartum goals. 

These workshops are best completed between 20-34 weeks of pregnancy. See below for further information and to book. 

The session will cover your choices about:

  • Preparation of your environment (home/ car) etc.
  • Life administration/ logistics
  • The big moments in immediate postpartum (after birth)
  • Breastfeeding/ baby feeding
  • Visitor management
  • Newborn needs and care (including baby items and sleep patterns)
  • Sibling needs and care (if applicable)
  • New parents needs and care

Participants will have access to my postpartum essentials guide and exclusive  PDF postpartum eco- map from which to navigate your positive pregnancy to postpartum journey.

Time commitment – 1:1 = 120 minutes | Live online group = 75 mins

Investment – 1:1 = $150 | Live online group = $25

Gemma was absolutely fantastic and provided us with an invaluable experience and vital information to prepare us for postpartum.

Daniel and Sheridan

(Lending Analyst and Building Designer - 1:1 Postpartum planning clients)


We were fortunate to work with Gemma on our post birth plan and goals. She provided us with tools and techniques to help us make the best decisions for us in our first weeks as a family of 3!

Tanya and Scott

Civil Engineers - 1:1 Postpartum planning clients

Perinatal – Ongoing doula support

My doula support package is for parents who would like an extra layer of support in pregnancy and/ or up to 12 months postpartum. My support acts as a perinatal ‘safety net’, providing you with care and reassurance while focusing on planning, resource sharing and informational support so you can relax and enjoy your perinatal journey and new baby. Online support may include discussion about (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Pregnancy/ birth support
  • Baby feeding/ settling support
  • General new parenting challenges
  • Gentle perinatal exercise/ safe return to exercise
  • Managing siblings (if applicable)
  • Return to work (if applicable)

**Please note, if you are looking for in-home support (in Brisbane) my packages start from $1,211. Contact me to request further details noting this service is available by appointment only. Otherwise, see my online support package details below.


Online doula support package:
  • 4x 45 minute tailored check-in sessions 
  • Text/ email support during business hours
  • Access to optional discounted 1:1 postpartum planning or check-in session ($50)

Investment – $265

Thank you so much for everything you have given me, and allowed me to give myself, since we met. Your support has meant absolutely everything to me, and I know is a huge part of why I’m enjoying this journey so much.


Brand Manager - Online doula support client

Gemma has been the support I didn’t know how much I needed during my postpartum period. It really is just like having a chat with a close friend.


Senior Project Coordinator - Online doula support client

Living remotely it can be difficult to access postnatal care. The online support package was wonderful for me and Gemma has a way of making you feel safe and secure in what can be quite a daunting and emotional time. 


Tourism Business Owner - Online doula support client

Considering work as a doula? Check out my doula start-up session!

My doula start-up session is a service for people considering or at the very beginning of their career as a doula. Ultimately, the session aims to save you time and money by allowing you to make informed choices about your doula career right from the beginning. My doula start-up session can help you bypass confusion and overwhelm on your journey to become a doula by:

  • Clearly explaining training options and how to choose the right one for you
  • Workshoping how day-to-day doula work could be structured to fit your lifestyle and financial goals
  • Providing you with my business structure, set-up costs and set-up timeframe so you get a real-world example of what it may take to start your business.

You will leave the session with a PDF doula career ecomap and relevant email referral list to help you navigate your decisions going forward.

Time – 90 mins 

Cost – $225 (Zoom) $325 (face-to-face)

I look forward to working with you on your next exciting steps toward bringing your unique skills and passions to the doula profession – the world needs more beautiful doulas to suit the diverse needs of growing families and I’m on a mission to make that happen!

Having a one on one session with Gemma was such good value. She brought so much insight, experience and personalised care to the table. I appreciated her ability to make me reflect on my own thoughts and ideas.

Going into doula work is huge, and Gemma truly helps you unearth if it’s the right fit for you. Her warm, down to earth nature was so welcoming, I felt like I was sitting down for a chat with an old friend.

If you’re on the fence about stepping into the doula industry, I implore you to reach out to Gemma – you won’t regret it.


Sales & Marketing Coordinator

I recently decided it was time to put in the work to turn my dream of becoming a doula into reality but realised quickly I had no idea where to start. It was through a serendipitous encounter on Instagram that I discovered Gemma and promptly took the opportunity to participate in a 1:1 doula start-up consultation with her.  

The discussion she led and the resources she sent me provided me with the direction I was looking for; it wasn’t so much information I came away feeling overwhelmed nor was it too little to know where to go next. I came away not only feeling much clearer about the steps I needed to take to become a successful doula but also energised and inspired to make it happen.

I highly recommend you have a chat with Gemma if you’re feeling called to the work but lost as to where to start.



Gifts – Vouchers and crowdfunding support

Gift vouchers are available for all of my services. Simply contact me to get a custom gift voucher created so you can be sure it’s perfect for your circumstance (eg. buying as an individual or as a group) and your intended recipient!

Wanting to crowdfund your postpartum support? I’ve put together some wording in a ‘gift guide’ for you to share with friends and family to help them understand my services and assist your request for contributions toward my postpartum support. Feel free to contact me for amendments to the template wording so it can best reflect your wishes/ situation. Click here to download the gift guide.


Gemma brings a friendly, warm approach to what can be an overwhelming and stressful time for her clients. 

Not only is she extensively educated, she informs and provides insight to all aspects of the pregnancy journey.

We were fortunate to work with Gemma on our post birth plan and goals. She provided us with tools and techniques to help us make the best decisions for us in our first weeks as a family of 3!

Her personal experience and advice provide her clients with hands on, proven recommendations. 

It was our pleasure to be Gemma’s clients!

Tanya and Scott

Civil Engineers

Gemma was absolutely fantastic and provided us with an invaluable experience and vital information to prepare us for postpartum.

We thought we had most things covered but our session opened up questions we didn’t know we had and some conversations we needed to have together as well as a range of “to-do” items to ensure we were prepared for this life-changing experience.

Gemma was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable asking any questions and she gave us some fantastic suggestions.

Thank you Gemma for your support.

Sheridan and Daniel

Lending Analyst and Building Designer


How do I know what support is right for me?

Pre-birth – Postpartum planning:

Postpartum planning is great for first time parents who want to know how to set themselves up for the best postpartum experience. It’s also great for parents wanting to make the most of their postpartum with a subsequent child if they feel their first experience could have been better.  

Perinatal – Online doula support:

Online doula support great for all parents welcoming a new baby – I work with you to make sure you have the best pregnancy to postpartum transition possible in line with your own goals and values. 

If I have attended birth/ prenatal/ antenatal classes will I get any value out of your 1:1 Postpartum Planning Workshop?

Yes, my 1:1 Postpartum Planning Workshop is not intended to cover the content of birth/ prenatal/ antenatal classes, which focus mostly on medical aspects of labour, birth and basic infant care. My 1:1 Postpartum Planning Workshop is all about you and your pregnancy to postpartum transition.

How does the online support package work?

My online sessions have four key components that are: 

  1. Pre-session check-in. I will contact you prior to our call to see how things are going and confirm the time of our chat. Often I will be able to adjust timings slightly to fit in best around baby nap times, etc.
  2. In-session chat. When we start our session we can chat about how you’re going and whether there’s anything in particular you’re keen to ask or discuss. If not, the conversation often simply flows over popular topics like birth debriefing, newborn care, useful baby items, parent groups, baby feeding, support for older siblings, managing relationships (with partner, other children, friends and extended family) and matresence/ the transition to motherhood. 
  3. Finalise and follow-up. I check in to make sure you’re comfortable with how the call has progressed and offer the opportunity to ask any final questions before the call ends. I then follow up after the call by email or text with any information we discussed (eg. providing referral to local support providers). 
What times and days can I book online support sessions?

Traditionally, after your 1:1 Postpartum planning session (included in the online support package), support sessions are scheduled fortnightly on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. You can, however decide to use your sessions at any time that suits you so for example you can book weekly, or monthly if desired. Up-to-date available timeslots will be viewable at your time of booking through the integrated calendar in our booking system. 

What is the difference between online doula support and perinatal counselling?

Online doula support is very different to my perinatal counselling sessions. The key differences are outlined below: 

Focus: Doula support is focused on general informational support, resources sharing and connection. Counselling is focused on emotional support to work through challenges you are experiencing in the perinatal period. 

Approach: Doula support is reasonably informal, drawing on a variety of generalist knowledge and resources from the perinatal sector. Counselling is provided in my capacity as an Accredited Social Worker (Master of Social Work qualified) using a non-directive perinatal counselling approach based on specific training in this field. 

Session length: Doula support is provided in 45 minute sessions. Counselling is provided in 60 minute sessions.

Fees: Doula support is not able to be claimed under medicare. Counselling has a medicare rebate associated with the first three sessions with a GP referral. 


Can you tell me more about your Workplace Health and Safety measures?

Yes, I have a current: 

  • Driver licence 
  • Infant First Aid certification 
  • Adult First Aid certification
  • Food handling certification 
  • Blue card 

I assist and require all households I work to have WorkCover household workers insurance (which is easily obtainable online at a low cost) in place prior to my provision of services.

Won’t my GP, midwife or obstetrician discuss postpartum care with me? Why would I also use a postpartum doula?

Yes, your healthcare provider will discuss medical postpartum care with you. All women who give birth have access to a routine six-week postnatal appointment, which usually focuses on your physical recovery from birth and your options for contraception. Often, this is where routine postpartum care finishes in a healthcare context. There is, however, huge variability in medical maternity care. Part of the reason for this is because of the different options available to birthing people. You may engage with traditional shared GP or midwifery care, midwifery group practice, a private midwife or private obstetrician. You may be intending to birth in your home, in a public birthing center or a public or private maternity hospital. 

Postpartum doulas are not maternity healthcare professionals and therefore offer completely different services. As your postpartum doula, I can help you plan for your pregnancy to postpartum transition with my 1:1 Postpartum Planning Workshop and/or provide in-home or online support throughout your postpartum period. 

Will you be offering face-to-face group support?

To begin with, I will be focussing on supporting clients on a 1:1 basis in-home and online – as well as running my online group postpartum planning workshops. I am very interested in providing an online group program that explores the professional to parenthood transition. In general I am a huge advocate for the connection fostered in new mothers groups, mums and bubs groups and local mums or fathers groups in Brisbane. So – watch this space for an exciting face-to-face group I will run in 2022. 

Doula start-up session FAQ’s

How do you make sure the information you provide in these sessions will be relevant to me?

You will be sent a pre-session questionnaire, the content of which will allow me to tailor the session to your needs. Everyone who comes to this work is unique, which is one of the best things about the profession and something I am very keen to foster!

I am pretty new to anything related to business/ entrepreneurship - is this session right for me?

As part of my session, you will receive key information on all elements of a business set-up. This includes the details of all programs, companies and systems I use for, but not limited to, my legals, marketing/ design, web hosting, client management, accounting, data analytics, payment gateways, coaching, podcasting, courses and workplace health and safety requirements. I also provide referral to experts I have used in all the areas of my business if you believe you may require further support in any particular area.

I am considering becoming a birth doula but can see you market yourself as a postpartum doula – is this session right for me?

While I am set up and work day-to-day in Brisbane as a postpartum doula, I have also completed international full-spectrum doula training coursework, which encompasses fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. Additionally, the content of my workshop has been formed with assistance from the doula networks I am a member of, members of which have extensive knowledge on doula training and business operations in Australia and abroad so you can be assured all information is relevant to birth doulas too.