Early parenthood counselling

Helping you confidently navigate the highs, lows and genuine WTF moments of early parenthood. 

Early parenthood counselling

 Hi, I’m Gemma – a Master’s qualified Accredited Social Worker and mother of two who is passionate about ensuring you don’t feel alone when faced with the inevitable challenges that arise in early parenthood.

How we work together

I work with a person-centred, narrative approach so you will have the opportunity to explore your challenges from multiple perspectives considering important factors such as; personal history, somatics, identity, culture, resources and social networks. Using this socio-ecological lens, we can work together to find actionable solutions for your current challenges that suit your individual needs within the broader context of your life.

Challenges people often discuss with me in early parenthood include navigating: 

  • General preparation for postpartum and parenthood
  • Depression or anxiety during pregnancy 
  • Birth debriefing 
  • Pregnancy and infant loss
  • Women’s health concerns
  • Understanding ‘matrescence’ (the developmental transition of becoming a mother)
  • Transitioning to or from the workplace 
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Maternal anxiety, guilt and anger – incl. self care planning
  • Sexuality in motherhood 
  • Managing sleep deprivation
  • Family planning decisions 
  • Infant/ toddler sleep and behaviour 

My relaxed interpersonal style and high value for humour is something you will find I utilise in my counselling practice and as an active podcaster, public speaker and group facilitator on the importance of parental mental health in the home, workplace and broader community. 

My passion for reducing shame through the sharing of stories reflects my desire for you to feel comfortable bringing your true, authentic self to our sessions together. 

See below for further details and to book.

Individual counselling session
  • 1 hour session
  • Available via Zoom or telephone

Investment: Standard fee $100. 

Medicare rebate of $64.70 available*

To be eligible for the medicare rebate of $64.70 per session (for up to three sessions) you will need to currently be pregnant or have been pregnant within the previous 12 months and have a GP referral which should include:

  • Their provider number
  • Their name and practice address
  • Their practice email address (optional but strongly preferred)
  • Your name
  • A request for non-directive pregnancy support counselling
  • Any relevant clinical information

Please note I provide this service as an Accredited Social Worker (not as a Mental Health Social Worker) – so your GP must refer you for non-directive pregnancy support counselling only, rather than requesting my services be made to you under a Mental Health Care Plan. 

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me the past couple of weeks. It was a pleasure to just chat to you and it was always with ease. Thanks for listening and being present in how I felt and normalising that how I felt was okay. It really helped me to accept those feelings, process them and move forward. Merry Christmas from my little family to yours Gemma.

Ps – My little one says thanks for helping her mommy too. 

Postpartum mother

December 2020

With my background in psychology and mental health, I was fortunate to be able to identify my symptoms of PPD and PPA quite early on in my motherhood journey. But ironically, this background also hindered my will to reach out for support. As a mental health professional, shouldn’t I have already held the skills to get better? It’s funny how we put ourselves under these expectations though, because any mental health professional would encourage external support in challenging times, regardless of profession. 

And then came Gemma – the support that I needed at the time. I wasn’t searching for a counsellor but her page showed up on my social media. We’ll call it a sign, a blessing, and it may be why I was more open to accepting the help. After a visit to her content and getting to know more about her services, I could tell that our values and beliefs aligned. Gemma’s approach is person centred and non-directive. This means she gives power to her clients to lead the sessions and work on goals from a collaborative stance.
She makes me feel validated, like my experiences are relatable. She provides me a safe space to process my thoughts and feelings so I can come to my own conclusions about my concerns. But most importantly, she’s provided me with a continuum of necessary postpartum care. Gemma and her knowledge has held me during a time of rediscovering myself, as a mother so that I can be more present for my son. Thank you, Gemma, for finding me!


Corinne, Postgraduate in Counselling and Psychotherapy

May 2020


Can my partner come too if they want to?

Yes, partners are able to attend sessions at no extra cost (they do not require a referral). Non-birthing partners are very susceptible to birth trauma, so often find it incredibly helpful to be involved sessions focused on birth debriefing in particular.

What do I need to do to ensure I get my medicare rebate?

You must have your GP referral with you before or on the day of our first session together. All pregnant women in Australia are eligible for a referral for three subsidised sessions in pregnancy up to 12 months postpartum. 

Ensure you ask your GP for a referral to ‘non-directive pregnancy support counselling’. Your referral needs to include:

Please note I provide this service as an Accredited Social Worker (not as a Mental Health Social Worker) – so your GP must refer you for non-directive pregnancy support counselling only, rather than requesting my services be made to you under a Mental Health Care Plan. 

Can I see you if my baby is over 12 months old?

Yes! You can book a standard session with me at any time during your motherhood journey. The 12 month time frame (from the end of your pregnancy) refers to the timeframe the government has imposed for eligibility for the medicare rebate. 

I still have questions, can I contact you to find out more?

Yes! I am aware booking in for counselling can be overwhelming, particularly if you haven’t previously engaged much with this style of support – or if you have other supports in place and you’re not sure how this will fit in.  Head to the contact page on the website and I will be in touch to answer any questions you have!