01 | You are enough – with Sophie Ader


One of my previous executive bosses and all ’round wonderful human, Sophie Ader, talks candidly about her pregnancy to postpartum journey and life as a working mother of two in her dream role.

Sophie’s top tips for doing ‘Postpartum like a boss’ are:

  • Do some research and or a course on breastfeeding if you’re thinking this is how you want to feed your child.
  • Get practical help to be looked after as a new mother. Or set low expectations, survival is the key.
  • Take the time you need away from your career (this can be a long or a short time – it’s about what works for you!)
  • Know that YOU ARE ENOUGH as a mother. No matter what, you are enough.
Trigger warning: 

This episode discusses physical birth trauma


Sophie recommended ‘Boobin All Day, Boobin All Night: A Gentle Approach to Sleep for Breastfeeding Families’ by Meg Nagle.

Sophie recommended the breastfeeding preparation courses through the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

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