06 | Take your time – with Michelle Kmon


Primary school teacher and one of my best friends Michelle Kmon shares her pregnancy to postpartum experiences – from an unexpected pregnancy to her life as a mother of two with her partner in remote NT. Michelle juggled teaching contracts, challenging pregnancy and birth experiences, interstate relatives, skin conditions for her first child and moving to remote Arnhem Land for her partner’s work as a ranger – currently finding fulfilment in voluntarily tutoring children (including her own son) through Katherine School of the Air. If you know her, you’ll know Michelle is extremely kind and generous – making wherever she is a brighter and happier place, so I am glad I can bring you her story.

Michelle’s top tips for doing ‘Postpartum like a boss’ are:

  • Take your time. Do things at the time they feel right for you and your family.
  • Find your person. Always find someone you can go to for support, some tough love or as a sounding board for your experiences in new parenthood.
Trigger warning

This episode discusses ease of conception and emergency caesarean birth.

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