08 | Not alone in loss


My unofficial twin, long time BFF and successful career woman (Assistant Director in the Australian Federal public sector) , Corrina Linton-Smith shares a whole lot of serious stuff (with equally as many LOLs) with us in this episode. 

We quite literally laugh and cry as we chat (in retrospect and with reverence) about Corrina navigating unexpected pregnancy, miscarriage, ‘young’ parenthood, birth, medical concerns in her second pregnancy and so much more along the way to her becoming the mother to her two boys (now aged five and seven). 

Corrina’s top tips for doing ‘Postpartum like a boss’ are: 

  • Parent your own way, do what comes organically 
  • Find your village, it really does take a village
  • Be free to accept your bad days
  • Know you are not alone in loss
Trigger warnings

This episode discusses miscarriage, medical procedures and medical concerns during mid/late pregnancy and possible twin loss. 

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