16 | Understanding fatherhood


This week we are joined by Gary Keys. Gary is a father of three, successful professional (with credentials in business, strategic leadership, NLP, fitness and coaching) and owner of @mantnatal – an organisation delivering man-to-man education about fatherhood right from receiving the news to birth and beyond. Gary shares his personal journey to fatherhood from initially being travel and career focused not sure he wanted children, to feeling left out and underprepared when it came to antenatal education, to recovering from safely helping his wife deliver their second child in the ensuite of the family home, to reflecting on how he now maintains balance in his life as an individual, husband and father of three.

Gary’s top tips for doing ‘Postpartum like a boss’ as a father are:

  • Involvement from the start
  • Seeking support
  • Carving out time for yourself
  • Having a good routine

Trigger warnings

This episode discusses birth trauma and perinatal mental health.
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