17 | Finding yourself in motherhood – With Linda Fruits @fruitsofmotherhood


Our guest this week is Linda Fruits, best known for her hugely popular @fruitsofmotherhood Instagram blog which aims to normalise “the sweet, sour and sometimes rotten Fruits of Motherhood”. In this episode Linda openly shares her A-type personality approach to conception, postpartum struggles and catalysts for her original blog, the background of her very public split from her husband and the process of acknowledging, accepting and embracing her identity as a lesbian as part of her journey toward truly becoming her authentic self in motherhood.

Linda’s top tips to do “Postpartum like a boss” are:

  • Accept the help
  • Cut the guilt and give yourself some grace
  • Find what makes you happy and do it as soon as possible

This episode was so fun and such a pleasure to record – a special thanks to Linda for being an absolute motherhood legend who is genuinely striving for all mothers to have higher levels of self-acceptance and personal fulfilment on their journey toward finding their own authentic selves in motherhood.

Trigger warnings

This episode discusses miscarriage and ease of conception.
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