21 | Birth matters – With Kathryn @bellybirthandbubs


This episode has it all – from corporate events in London to an unexpected positive pregnancy test in the Amazon jungle, to immigrating across the world during pregnancy, to a magnificent empowered birth to postpartum haemorrhage, PTSD and prolapse to recovery and helping others. Join hypnobirthing practitioner Kathryn and I as we explore the highs (legit even high-altitude hiking!) and lows of her perinatal journey. Kathryn is an amazing human who views her challenges as having a silver lining because she can use them to help others, which she does everyday providing amazing education and care to perinatal women and couples through her business @bellybirthandbubs.  Kathryn’s top tip for doing postpartum like a boss is: 

– Call upon your village (prepare a list of helpful things with your partner or support person that you are comfortable asking for and communicate this) because people want to help. 

Trigger warnings

This episode discusses ease of conception, postpartum haemorrhage, breastfeeding challenges, postpartum anxiety, PTSD and prolapse. 

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