23 | Career pivoting in style – with Paige @paigenoellestylist


In this episode we are joined by the ever bubbly product stylist and mother of three (to a daughter and twin boys) @paigenoellestylist. Paige shares her motherhood journey, with a focus on the way motherhood has positively impacted her career as she pivoted from the world of fast-paced editorial styling to creating an energised, adaptable and aligned styling business that serves fellow mothers as well as her family. 

Paige’s top tips to do ‘Postpartum like a boss’ are: 

– For your home: baskets and trays are the best things to hide mess 

– For your business: have a creative space set up so you can work on a whim + batch create when you’re feeling energised

– For twin mothers: having good systems in place from an early age as well as safe places to put your babies to avoid extra logistical stress

Paige has also provided the following links for twin mothers: 

Australian Multiple Birth Association https://www.amba.org.au/
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