35 | Motherhood and sexual liberation – with @theorgasmicmama


In this power-packed episode I chat with Somatic Sexologist Tamica Wilder aka @theorgasmicmama about sexuality, intimacy, eroticism, sensuality and identity in motherhood. Far from your average postpartum discussion about how to navigate sex after birth, this episode gets reeeaaal. Drawing from Tamica’s personal and professional experiences you will hear all about:

– Navigating your identity, self-expression, sexuality and relationships as a mother 

– Somatic (bodily) empowerment, sexual trauma and other reasons mothers might choose to work with a sexologist 

– How prevailing narratives of womanhood, parenthood and partnership entwine with the individual experiences of motherhood

– Why sexual liberation for mothers is as a form of social activism

– How to role-model and speak to your (even very young) children to set them up for an empowered and sex-positive future.


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Trigger warnings

This episode discusses childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault concepts and birth trauma. 


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