38 | The mood of maternal health – With Jess @wethemoode


In this episode we are lucky enough to be joined by Jess Rosenberg – mother, social worker, maternal health advocate and founder of moode. Noticing fertility was feeling very one-dimensional, Jess decided to challenge that by offering an inclusive and honest insight to the reproductive health conversation – as well as formulating and crafting her first vitamins- The Prenatal by moode. In this episode Jess shares her experiences of the transition to motherhood (x3) and within her career – including how she navigated: 

– Pre-conception anxiety and information sourcing

– Sickness and fear early in her first pregnancy 

– Postpartum birth-related physical health issues and associated trauma 

– Working parenthood and defining household roles in a postpartum relationship

– Becoming a mother of two after a dramatic second birth experience

– A kidney condition diagnosis for her first child during her second postpartum

– Studying nutrition and naturopathy as a mother of two during COVID

– The process of building moode.

– Her unexpected third pregnancy

– Life as a mother of three running moode. 

This episode is power packed with Jess’ passion for women’s health – I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did. 


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Trigger warnings

This episode discusses ease of conception, invasive medical procedures and birth trauma. 


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