51 | How to share the mental load – With Dr Elyse McNeil @sharetothrive  


In this episode we are joined by psychologist Dr Elyse McNeil. After noticing the difference in household roles in her own partnership, Dr Elyse set out to learn more from academic literature about how to navigate sharing this better. Upon not finding anything particularly helpful, Elyse embarked on a PhD about mental labour to help others gain awareness and language to navigate sharing the household load more effectively. In this episode you will hear about: 

  • What mental labour/ the mental load is
  • Common challenges for partners managing household tasks
  • How to navigate conversations about sharing the mental load with your partner 
  • Where to find resources and further learning about sharing the mental load

Thanks Dr Elyse for sharing your time and expertise on this really important subject, particularly for those navigating this in parenthood. 


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