29 | A journey to evidence-based sleep – With Georgina @georginamaysleep


In this episode we are joined by Georgina @geroginamaysleep, an evidence-based sleep educator specialising in helping parents with very wakeful babies and toddlers. Georgina has a corporate business and marketing background and entered the ‘sleep world’ after her own experience trying to find and navigate conflicting sleep information when parenting her own very wakeful son. In this episode you’ll hear all about how Georgina utilised her research and business skillsets gathering and presenting evidence-based information:

– During her long conception journey through an endometriosis diagnosis

– To find a solution to her son’s frequent waking, which had caused her a debilitating level of sleep deprivation  

– To help other parents with very wakeful children ensuring they have access to information, resources and genuine support. 


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Sleep resources

– Find Georgina 
Website (full site to be launched next month): www.georginamaysleep.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/georginamaysleep
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/georginamaysleep

A great resource for evidence-based information on biologically normal infant sleep

– The Beyond Sleep Training Project Group
A really helpful and supportive environment for parents struggling with wakefulness / sleep (who want to avoid sleep training). They share a lot of evidence-based information and resources on infant sleep in the group, and also on their website. 

– BBC Article
One of the best, most evidence-based overviews of baby sleep Georgina has ever seen.

– Sleep Patterns Study – Price et al
This is the study Georgina mentioned in the episode – one of a few that has found there to be a wide variation in the total amount of sleep babies and children have (you can actually access the full article via this link). 

Endometriosis resource 

– Endometriosis Australia Discussion Group
A great resource for anyone in Australia with (or suspecting they may have) endometriosis looking to access evidence-based information on the disease in general, and treatment options. 

Trigger warnings

This episode discusses endometriosis diagnosis and severe sleep deprivation. 


Please note, this episode is recorded with a sleep educator who sells sleep programs. This episode does not claim to give specific answers to the sleep needs of your child or family and is the viewpoint of one evidence-based practitioner. Please read my full disclaimer prior to listening.