27 | Considering a second child – with Bree @matrescence.podcast


In this episode we are joined by Bree, co-host and Instagram lead for the ever helpful and wildly successful motherhood podcast – The Matrescence Podcast. Having taken us (via Instagram) through her transition to second time parenthood in the last 12 months, I use this episode to chat with Bree about how her experiences relate to many of the common considerations women have during the journey to and within early second-time parenthood. In this episode you’ll find out more about how Bree: 

– Overcame a rough first postpartum/ early matrescence journey to feel ready for a second child at a time that felt right for her and her family 

– Navigated the emotions of shifting dynamics toward her relationship with her eldest child throughout her second pregnancy 

– Changed the way she birthed to gain a more empowering and aligned birth experience 

– Very intentionally planned her second postpartum to feature bolstered support networks and individual mindset shifts for a more positive second vs first time experience 

– Approached meeting competing demands of both children in a way that aligns with her ideal parenting styles and individual needs

– Has ultimately found early second-time parenthood a freeing, rewarding and healing experience



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Trigger warnings

This episode discusses pregnancy + infant loss and ease of conception. I would also like to acknowledge the normative narrative of the context of this episode – noting those who do not plan to have a second child and those who are parents of or expecting multiples and those who have experienced miscarriage, infant or child loss and who do not identify with the term “second child”. 

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