Gemma Smith

Early parenthood mental health advocate

Gemma Smith is an entrepreneur, mother of two and Accredited Social Worker who is passionate about optimising perinatal mental health.

Blending humour, formal academic theory, professional perinatal counselling knowledge and lived experience as a mother, Gemma brings a well-rounded and personable approach to often tricky or taboo subjects.

Gemma’s professional Human Resources background as an Inclusion and Diversity specialist further add to the depth and value of her insights into the sociocultural and individual challenges facing individuals from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

Gemma is available as a guest speaker (for your podcast, new parent group, childbirth education class, workplace inclusion and diversity event, women in business forum or similar) and for written collaborations across print and online platforms.


    Gemma’s key areas of interest/ speaking topics include but are not limited to:


    Perinatal mental health 

      • The impact of pregnancy, birth and postpartum on mental wellness in motherhood (incl. women’s health) 
      • Understanding ‘matrescence’ – the developmental transition to motherhood
      • Exploring conflicting emotions across the perinatal journey
      • The power of social connection and sharing experiences in motherhood 

    Preparing for postpartum

      • Holistic approaches to preparing as an individual/ partnership for early parenthood

    Doing parental leave ‘better’

      • Developing more effective workplace practices to support parental leave transitions for parent and employer
      • Gender equity in the workplace 

    Women in business

      • Starting a business on maternity leave
      • Running a business as a mother of young children/ supporting mothers in business
      • Working in the perinatal support sector

    Get in touch

    If you’re interested in collaborating with Gemma – please email


    Recent guest appearances and collaborations

    October 23

    Podcast guest on the ‘Perinatal stories Australia’ podcast sharing my own story of mental health challenges in the transition to parenthood. 

    August 23

    Podcast guest on the ‘More than mothering’ podcast talking all things acknowledging the realities of early parenthood for our mental health. 

    July 23 

    Guest speaker at everyday_mums in Orion Springfield Lakes. 

    June 23

    Facilitation of a NSW state ‘lunch and learn’ presentation via zoom for PIA employees about how employers can best support working parents, particularly in traditionally male dominated industries. 

    April 23

    Podcast guest on the ‘Parenthood’ Pod talking all things ‘gender disappointment’ to reduce shame and increase understanding of this common experience in motherhood. 

    February 23

    Guest speaker at three groups for ‘Mothers Connected’ in Brisbane’s south. 

    January 23

    Podcast guest with Lucinda @readyornot.pod – Why you don’t have to love every second of mothering to love motherhood. Listen below:

    December 22

    Podcast guest with pelvic health physio @physiolaura – Busting the perfect mother myth. Listen below:

    August – November 22

    Host of two 8 week new parent groups for Nascent Wellness starting August and October on Wednesdays! 

    June/July 22

    Guest speaking for 2x Nascent Wellness new parent groups.

    Podcast guest with psychologist Lana Hall @theslowlifeprojectco – Navigating the slowness of motherhood. Listen below:

    May 22

    May 22

    MC and panel interview facilitator – Orion Springfrield Central Mother’s Day High Tea. 

    April 22

    Guest speaker at Nascent Wellness mother’s group in Holland Park, Brisbane.

    March 22

    Guest speaker at six groups (90+ women!) with Modern Mummas, mother’s group done differently.

    January 22

    Guest speaker at two first time mothers programs with @everydaymums in Ipswich.

    Guest speaker at keeping_mum_ Kangatraining mother’s group.

    February 22

    Written collaboration “What I wish my partner knew: Navigating pregnancy as a team” with @wethemoode – fertility unfiltered + perinatal vitamins.

    December 21

    Guest on Harmony Inspired Health Podcast speaking about optimising physical and mental health. Listen below: 

    June 21

    Guest on The Whole Woman in Business Podcast. Listen below: