33 | The Care/Career conundrum – with @drsophiebrock


In this episode we are joined by one of my favourite professionals in the motherhood realm, Motherhood Studies Sociologist Dr Sophie Brock. Dr Sophie and I explore and unpack what Dr Sophie has conceptualised as the ‘Care/Career Conundrum’, which relates to the bind mothers often find ourselves in trying to simultaneously meet the polarising socially idealised states of both the perfect ‘mother’ and ‘worker’. If you’re navigating leaving, returning to or making changes to your career, this discussion is not to be missed! In this episode you will hear from Dr Sophie about: 

– The Care/Career Conundrum itself, what it is and how it was conceptualised

– How the ‘ideal mother myth’ and other pervasive cultural socialisations play into the ‘Care/Career Conundrum’ 

– The role of individuals, workplaces and broader communities in addressing the ‘Care/Career Conundrum’ 

– Finding a practical starting place from which to explore these pertinent maternal sociological concepts for yourself. 


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Dr Sophie’s bio

Dr Sophie Brock is a Motherhood Studies Sociologist and Mother living in Sydney, Australia. She provides analysis of Motherhood in our culture, exploring the ways individual experiences of Mothers are shaped by broader social constructs. Sophie supports professionals, business owners and creatives in revolutionising what Motherhood means in our society, and how individual Mothers are supported and understood. Sophie’s offerings include self-study courses for Mothers and practitioners, her podcast The Good Enough Mother, and her Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification program.

Link to Care/Career Conundrum diagram


Connect with Dr Sophie

Website: https://drsophiebrock.com/

Instagram and Facebook @drsophiebrock 

Email: info@drsophiebrock.com


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