My 1:1 workshops provide tailored pregnancy, birth and postpartum support specifically for you and your growing family.

1:1 Workshops

My 1:1 workshops provide tailored pregnancy, birth and postpartum support specifically for you and your growing family. With so many professionals being time-poor to begin with, my 1:1 workshops can be done at a time that suits you – no more waiting to get into a daggy community run or rigid medical-focussed antenatal session. My workshops are designed to be practical, positive, fun and flexible to your individual birth and postpartum goals.

Pregnancy workshop

My pregnancy workshop is a service for professional parents who are newly pregnant and want to set themselves up for success. The workshop assists by linking your healthcare options with your values, allowing you to make informed choices about your pregnancy (and birth) right from the beginning. Many professional parents find this workshop helpful in navigating early pregnancy due to having so many choices to make in a short timeframe. 
The session will cover your choices regarding:
  • Health care providers
  • Pregnancy care (morning sickness, exercise, support etc)
  • Antenatal education 
Participants will leave with a tailored PDF pregnancy ecomap from which to navigate your pregnancy going forward.  Time commitment – 60 mins Cost – $165 (zoom) ($225 face to face) 

Birth workshop

My birth workshop is a service for professional parents (from 20 weeks) who want to set themselves up for an empowered birth.
Birthing people have different feelings about “planning” for birth for a variety of reasons. The birth workshop therefore focuses on allowing you to create a visual representation of your birthing options and ecosystem, giving you practical information to assist decision making with room for ultimate flexibility on the day of your birth.


The session will cover choices regarding:

  • Preparation for birth
  • Labour
  • Birth types/ positions and environments
  • Cord clamping/ third stage management
  • Pain relief
  • Birth partner involvement
  • Visitors
  • Baby feeding
  • Care for new parents

Participants will leave with a tailored PDF birth ecomap and birthing care plan from which to navigate their birth with their healthcare providers.

Time commitment – 120 minutes

Cost – $320 (zoom) $420 (face to face)

Postpartum workshop

Our postpartum workshop is a service for professional parents (from 20 weeks) who want to set themselves up for a positive postpartum. The postpartum workshop allows professional families to make informed choices about their “fourth trimester” and beyond while taking practical steps toward your postpartum goals straightaway. 

Many professional parents find investing in a postpartum workshop eases stress due to support structures being in place and decisions being made/ communicated with family and friends prior to the birth of your baby. 


The session will cover your choices about:

  • Vaccinations
  • Breastfeeding
  • Visitors
  • Life administration/ logistics
  • Care for new parents
  • New parent groups

Participants will leave with a tailored PDF postpartum eco- map from which to navigate your postpartum with friends, family and the broader community.
Time commitment – 120 minutes

Cost – $320 (zoom) $420 (face to face)

Gemma was absolutely fantastic and provided us with an invaluable experience and vital information to prepare us for our lead up to birth, the birthing process and our first days post birth.  

We thought we had most things covered but our session opened up questions we didn’t know we had and some conversations we needed to have together as well as a range of “to-do” items to ensure we were prepared for this life-changing experience. 

Gemma was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable asking any questions and she gave us some fantastic suggestions. 

We love our personalised birthing care plan and how we can just hand it to those involved and not have to worry about having the same conversation many times over on the day. 

Thank you Gemma for your support.

Sheridan and Daniel

Lending Analyst and Building Designer

Gemma brings a friendly, warm approach to what can be an overwhelming and stressful time for her clients. 

Not only is she extensively educated, she informs and provides insight to all aspects of the pregnancy journey.

We were fortunate to work with Gemma on our post birth plan and goals. She provided us with tools and techniques to help us make the best decisions for us in our first weeks as a family of 3!

Her personal experience and advice provide her clients with hands on, proven recommendations. 

It was our pleasure to be Gemma’s clients!

Tanya and Scott

Civil Engineers

Professional to Parent Program Workshops

The Professional to Parent (P2P) program is designed for professional first-time parents who want the ‘low down’ on birth and infant parenting (minus the cringe factor of any 70’s birth videos or need for wrapping dolls in blankets).  The program is the first of its kind in Australia because it offers:

  • Practical birth and infant parenting information 


  • A parent group that is actually accessible to couples (run on weekends) 


  • Spans from pregnancy to parenthood!


1x Half-day (4 hour) session, including morning/ afternoon tea, covering topics from my birth and postpartum workshops including:

  • Identity changes from professional to parent or both
  • Preparation and decisions for birth
  • Baby feeding and care
  • Visitor management
  • Life administration and logistics 
  • Decisions for new parent care

1x 1.5 hour pregnancy parent group meet-up (held two weeks after the opening session) 

3x 1.5 hour postpartum parent group meet-ups (held every fortnight from the date all babies in the group are over six weeks of age)

Venue: Loyal Hope of the Valley, Fortitude Valley QLD

Cost: X per couple. 

On the date of the opening half-day session, you must be between 26 -32 weeks pregnant. This is to ensure availability to attend the pregnancy meet-up two weeks after the opening session and to ensure a minimal wait for postpartum parent group sessions.

Waitlist me now!

13 + 7 =


If I have already attended birth/ prenatal/ antenatal classes will I get any value out of your workshops?
Yes, my workshops are not intended to replace medical birth/ prenatal/ antenatal classes (which focus mostly on medical aspects of labour and birth) – rather they offer a range of information, tips and tricks for your pre-postpartum transition! Because my workshops are tailored to your needs, we can focus on areas that are applicable to you and can shift to a largely postpartum focus if you feel you’ve got areas like preparing for labour and preparing for birth under control. Often, as we work through the content we find many important decisions around birthing that may not have been covered in a context that was practical or relevant to you in a traditional class or workshop.
Will I get the same information in your workshops as I will get from my midwife or obstetrician?

This depends; there is huge variability in the information provided as part of routine maternity care in a health-care setting. Part of the reason for this is because of the different maternity care and birthing environment options available to birthing people. You may engage with traditional shared GP or midwifery care, midwifery group practice, a private midwife or private obstetrician. You may be intending to birth in your home, in a public birthing center or a public or private maternity hospital. I have worked with clients who are close to giving birth who have not come across the majority of information discussed in my workshops (including, alarmingly, practical details of birth itself). Alternatively, I have worked with others who have had access to exceptional care and education but have still found value in much of the content, in particular the practical postpartum planning which is not routinely covered in a health-care setting.

Is the Professional to Parent program like other parents groups in Brisbane?

Nope! There are several differences between the Professional to Parent Program and traditional parenting groups. 

  1. While there are plenty of new mothers groups, mums and bubs groups, local mums groups or fathers groups – there are no other groups that run on a weekend to ensure (well, at least provide a higher likelihood that) both parents/ support people can be there!  
  2. There seem to be limited parent group options that run from pregnancy to postpartum. The Professional to Parent program offers this so you can meet some like minded people on the same journey as you BEFORE your baby is born – so you can enjoy the transition to parenthood together! 
  3. The Professional to Parent program is aimed at professionals. The content we cover is therefore more relevant to the pre-postpartum transition of professionals than other groups or workshops.